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    UOAlert!: Law enforcement activity ***ALL CLEAR***

    October 23rd, 2016

    [10/23/16 0420 am]

    ***ALL CLEAR*** Law Enforcement Activity

    W. 18th Avenue and Grant Street no longer active per EPD.

    10/22/16 7:55 am Law Enforcement Activity

    October 22nd, 2016

    An alert was sent at 1:28 am for law enforcement activity near 18th and Grant Street involving shots fired. This situation is still on going. Please avoid the area.


    October 20th, 2016
    Please click here to acknowledge receipt of this message

    UOAlert! This is a test of the UOAlert! system and a reminder to practice earthquake response: Duck, Cover, and Hold. This is a test.

    No action is necessary when recipients receive the messages. The test is occurring in conjunction with the 2016 Great Oregon ShakeOut for earthquake preparedness.

    To register for UOAlert! or to update a cell phone number entry:

    1. Log into DuckWeb (http://duckweb.uoregon.edu)
    2. Select the “Personal Information” menu
    3. Select the “Enter/Update Emergency Alert Phone” link
    4. Enter your text-enabled cell phone number, including area code and then hit “Submit”

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