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    Beware phishing attempts using “UOAlert!”

    January 10th, 2017

    Some University of Oregon community members received e-mails recently with the subject “UOAlert!: Final Warning,” that asked the recipients to “confirm” e-mail information.

    These were “phishing” attempts from an unknown sender that should be deleted immediately. The UO will never e-mail students or employees and ask them to click a link and enter personal information.

    Legitimate UOAlert! emergency notification e-mails may contain links for information (primarily to this Alerts page, but those links will be for reading and information only, and will not ask for passwords or personal information.

    Any time you receive an e-mail that looks suspicious (misspellings, strange addresses, poor syntax or grammar), or that asks for personal information, please immediately forward the e-mail to UO Information Services at

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