UO Urgent Info: threat rumor update; message from family


There is no current, credible threat to the University of Oregon. The following message is being shared by the UO on May 13 at the request of the family of the person who recent rumors have said intended harm to campus. The rumors spread on social media are UNTRUE and the family has asked for the opportunity to clear this up; the names of the family and individual are not shared for obvious privacy reasons. This statement is also posted on the UO Alerts page.

We are the family members of the person who, during a mental health crisis, made posts on a Facebook page that some people found worrying or threatening.

These posts never threatened violence to the UO or any person, but showed the strained state our family member was in. Other people somehow pulled from this that our family member was threatening violence to the campus and then shared that with each other on social media, and that went viral.

We want the community to know that our family member is not a threat, and is in the hospital under secure care this week and our family member will leave the state and come home with us after leaving the hospital. Our family member has no guns, no history of violence. Our family member is a person having a mental health crisis and receiving needed care. Our family member only has wanted to do good in the world, but in this state, the words used on Facebook to express fragmented thoughts were unusual.

We are sorry that this has resulted in worry or fear for people at the school our family member loves. We hope that you will understand that our family member is not a threat and to please respect our family’s need to take care of one another at this time.


A reminder from law enforcement: If people ever have information about actual threats of violence they should call 9-1-1, or contact police at non-emergency numbers: UOPD 541-346-2919; Eugene Police 541-682-5111.

UO Urgent Info: threat rumors untrue


Social media posts warning about a threat of violence at the University of Oregon are not accurate.

Police have been investigating, and there are no current credible threats to the UO. Campus will be operating normally.

UO Police are aware of recent social media posts by a member of the UO community that caused some concern. Police contacted the individual and the person is voluntarily cooperating with police and local partners. Police do not consider the person a threat currently and are doing everything legally possible to address the situation. Privacy laws prevent police from sharing more information.

Information shared by others on social media since Saturday, May 11 is not accurate. The original posts of concern did not threaten the campus, or threaten shooting.

Police would like to remind all members of the community to immediately and directly share information or concerns with law enforcement about possible self-harm or harm to the community. Do not simply share on social media, and do not share unfounded information. Police and UO leadership appreciate those who have shared information directly. All campus community members are encouraged “if you see something, say something!”

If people ever have information about actual threats of violence they should call 9-1-1, or contact police at non-emergency numbers: UOPD 541-346-2919; Eugene Police 541-682-5111.

Updates if available or necessary will be posted to the UO Alerts page.

Campus Crime Alert 2019-05-04


What is this notice? Campus Crime Alerts are released by the University of Oregon Police Department when certain crimes are reported on or near campus property, and in compliance with federal law. These timely warnings provide information about campus safety situations, and allow campus community members to take precautions for personal safety. All crimes should be reported as soon as possible to local law enforcement.

Eugene Police have shared the following information about an incident in a University of Oregon-owned parking lot on Kincaid Street between 13th and 14th Avenues, early Saturday, May 4:

Police Investigate Fatal Shooting at 13th and Kincaid
Case 1906782

At 1:44 a.m. today, May 4, Central Lane 911 received multiple calls regarding shots fired at 13th and Kincaid, in the parking lot behind Taylor’s Bar and Grill, 894 E. 13th Avenue. University of Oregon Police Department and Eugene Police Department responded and found a person on the ground with life-threatening injury from a gunshot wound. They immediately rendered emergency medical aid, but the person died at the scene.

EPD secured scene with UOPD. Violent Crimes Unit and Forensic Evidence Unit joined patrol on scene and the investigation is continuing.

The victim’s name is being withheld until the family can be notified.

If anyone has information or tips relevant to the case, they are asked to contact 541-682-5111 and reference case 1906782.

Updates regarding this incident, when and if available, will be posted on the UOPD website at police.uoregon.edu. Campus crimes and safety concerns can always be reported to UOPD, 24 hours per day, at 541-346-2919.


No action or inaction by a crime survivor makes that person responsible for his or her victimization. Perpetrators are responsible for crimes and their effects. The following suggestions may help reduce the possibility of experiencing such a crime, or may improve opportunities to receive prompt assistance.

  • It is a crime to intentionally touch someone against his or her will, regardless of the situation.
  • Bystanders should try to be aware of their surroundings, and if there are signs of a person in distress, bystanders should make themselves known and offer assistance if it is safe to do so, and/or seek immediate help from police or security personnel. Ducks protect ducks.
  • Every person and situation is different; survivors must decide for themselves what actions or responses are safest in any situation. If someone attempts to touch you against your will, you have the right to yell “NO” loudly, or do whatever is necessary to get the person to let go, and flee to a safe place and seek help. When safe, try to remember as much as possible about the person’s appearance and behavior. Regardless of what happens during an incident, you have the right to report the crime and to receive services and accommodations.
  • Assaults by strangers are far less common than assaults by people known to survivors. Self-defense classes can prepare people to deter or escape an assault, and have benefits for improved awareness and confidence. Credit courses are available from the Physical Education department and from UOPD.
  • At night or off-campus, students are encouraged to use ride options like UO Safe Ride (541-346-RIDE ext. 2) or Designated Driver Shuttle (541-346-RIDE ext. 1), or the UO Campus Shuttle (map.uoregon.edu/campus-shuttle), call a taxicab or ride-hailing service, or contact UOPD for an on-campus escort (541-346-2919).
  • For emergencies or if you see a crime being committed, call 9-1-1. To report suspicious, illegal or unusual activity on campus, call UOPD at 541-346-2919.
  • Download the UO Mobile App for easy access to safety resources, safe ride options, and maps.


  • Survivors have a right to report crimes to police and have crimes investigated and/or prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.
  • Survivors and victims of crime seeking support should call the Office of the Dean of Students: 541-346-3216. For support related to sexual assault, harassment, and gender-based violence, call the SAFE hotline: 541-346-SAFE (7233) or visit safe.uoregon.edu.
  • For students, personal counseling and other support services are available through the University Counseling and Testing Center, 541-346-3227 (available 24 hours).
  • For students, medical and sexual assault examination services are available at University Health Center, 541-346-2770.
  • For employees, the Office of Civil Rights Compliance, 541-346-3123, and Office of Human Resources, 541-346-3159, can assist in connecting to resources.
  • Other community resources available are Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS), 541-343-7277 (24 hour crisis line) or 541-484-9791, Womenspace, 541-485-8232 or 541-485-6513 (24 hour crisis line), and White Bird Clinic Counseling, 541-342-8255 541-687-4000 (24 hour crisis line).

UO Alert: Armed Suspect



Location: Parking Lot 16 [E 13th Ave & Kindcaid]]

What/Suspect Description: A report of an armed suspect. Shots fired

UO Action Taken: Law enforcement is responding to the incident.

What to do: Avoid the area. If you can provide information about this incident call 541-346-2919. In emergencies or if you see a crime being committed, call 9-1-1.

A report of an armed suspect [insert location]. Avoid the area. Updates when and if available will be posted to the UO Alerts page.

UO Alert: Campus Caution


Reminder: Use caution around campus. Be mindful of trees and roof lines that could drop snow unexpectedly, and please respect and follow any signage meant to keep people away from potentially hazardous areas. Parking lots are being plowed as quickly as possible. Use caution parking, driving and walking, and consider carpooling or busing. Cleared campus areas are being regularly updated online.

See updates and important information if and when available on the UO Alerts page.

UO Alert: Eugene Campus Opening at 10:00 am Thursday


University of Oregon Eugene campus operations and classes will start at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 28.

Campus-area parking remains limited; students and employees are strongly encouraged to use alternative forms of transportation. A map of campus winter conditions, including walkways and parking lots, is available at https://map.uoregon.edu/winter-storm-conditions

It is understood that not everyone may be able to travel to campus in inclement weather. Members of the campus community are expected to use their best judgment in assessing the risk of coming to campus, based on individual circumstances. Employees should work with supervisors on any schedule changes. Students should work with instructors as necessary, and faculty are encouraged to be flexible with students experiencing travel difficulties.

Inclement weather details for employees are available online at https://hr.uoregon.edu/about-hr/campus-notifications/inclement-weather

Check alerts.uoregon.edu for more information and resources, and please stay safe.

UO Alert: Eugene Campus Closed


Due to inclement weather, the University of Oregon is closed Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

All events and classes are cancelled, including evening classes and events; all offices are closed.

Students who live on campus should use caution traveling through campus to residence halls and dining venues, and limit campus travel as much as possible.

Inclement weather details for employees are available online at: https://hr.uoregon.edu/about-hr/campus-notifications/inclement-weather

Employees responsible for responding to inclement weather and related cleanup under the university’s closure policy are expected to report to work, provided they can do so safely. Employees in this category should contact their supervisors if they have concerns about safety related to traveling to campus. Those required to be on campus should use extreme caution outdoors and beware of downed trees or power lines, or other hazards. Avoid walking in and around campus if possible.

Check alerts.uoregon.edu for more information and resources and please stay safe.