Ride programs re-start operations March 2

The University of Oregon’s safe ride programs (including Safe Ride, Designated Driver Shuttle, and UO Campus Shuttle) are resuming operation Saturday, March 2.

Always call the scheduled programs (Safe Ride and DDS) to ensure programs are operating and have capacity; schedule rides in advance whenever possible. Check the UO Campus Shuttle map for operation information and up-to-the-minute shuttle van locations.

Reminder on UO operations

Just a reminder to all Ducks: the University of Oregon does not issue notices when classes, events and operations are on normal schedule. The UO will send notification by 6:00 a.m. on days when a schedule change is necessary because of early morning inclement weather.

Everyone please continue to use caution traveling around Eugene and the Eugene campus.

UO Alert: Campus Caution


Reminder: Use caution around campus. Be mindful of trees and roof lines that could drop snow unexpectedly, and please respect and follow any signage meant to keep people away from potentially hazardous areas. Parking lots are being plowed as quickly as possible. Use caution parking, driving and walking, and consider carpooling or busing. Cleared campus areas are being regularly updated online.

See updates and important information if and when available on the UO Alerts page.

UO Alert: Eugene Campus Opening at 10:00 am Thursday


University of Oregon Eugene campus operations and classes will start at 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, February 28.

Campus-area parking remains limited; students and employees are strongly encouraged to use alternative forms of transportation. A map of campus winter conditions, including walkways and parking lots, is available at https://map.uoregon.edu/winter-storm-conditions

It is understood that not everyone may be able to travel to campus in inclement weather. Members of the campus community are expected to use their best judgment in assessing the risk of coming to campus, based on individual circumstances. Employees should work with supervisors on any schedule changes. Students should work with instructors as necessary, and faculty are encouraged to be flexible with students experiencing travel difficulties.

Inclement weather details for employees are available online at https://hr.uoregon.edu/about-hr/campus-notifications/inclement-weather

Check alerts.uoregon.edu for more information and resources, and please stay safe.

Campus cautions for February 27

Living Learning Center North and South buildings both have entrances being blocked off to keep people away from possible snow falling from the roofs.

At LLC South, only the southeast entrance is open for use. At LLC North, the north entrance out of Dux Bistro is closed. Restricted doorways can only be used as emergency exits.

A reminder: pedestrians should use caution walking on campus. Many walkways are clear, but some paths and intersections still have mounded snow which can be slick. For best results, look for the cleared areas.

Also be cautious of trees and roof lines that could drop snow unexpectedly.

Respect and follow any signage or tape meant to keep people away from hazardous areas.

UO Alert: Eugene Campus Closed


Due to inclement weather, the University of Oregon is closed Wednesday, February 27, 2019.

All events and classes are cancelled, including evening classes and events; all offices are closed.

Students who live on campus should use caution traveling through campus to residence halls and dining venues, and limit campus travel as much as possible.

Inclement weather details for employees are available online at: https://hr.uoregon.edu/about-hr/campus-notifications/inclement-weather

Employees responsible for responding to inclement weather and related cleanup under the university’s closure policy are expected to report to work, provided they can do so safely. Employees in this category should contact their supervisors if they have concerns about safety related to traveling to campus. Those required to be on campus should use extreme caution outdoors and beware of downed trees or power lines, or other hazards. Avoid walking in and around campus if possible.

Check alerts.uoregon.edu for more information and resources and please stay safe.