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    Don’t forget to #GettheVax

    March 5th, 2015

    3/5/15 – 1:11pm

    Meningitis vaccination clinic is open until 8 pm tonight at the Matthew Knight Arena.

    More information about the vaccine: http://healthcenter.uoregon.edu/getthevax.aspx

    More information about meningitis: http://healthcenter.uoregon.edu/meningitis.aspx



    Mass Vaccination Clinic Information March 2-5 – Matthew Knight Arena

    February 25th, 2015

    Clinic Poster

    UOALERT!: Urgent Health Information

    February 11th, 2015

    February 10th – 11:35 am

    Campus community,

    For the third time since mid-January, a University of Oregon student has been diagnosed with Neisseria meningococcemia. This is a bacterial illness that can lead to meningitis, a very serious condition.

    According to Lane County Public Health, the risk of transmission is considered to be quite low. In order for the illness to spread, a person would need to have close contact with the patient for four hours or more over the past seven days. The second and third cases are acquaintances who may have spent time in close proximity.

    The University and Lane County Public Health have identified specific students, faculty and staff who may have had extended exposure to the patients. Those who have had close contact of at least 4 hours cumulatively within one week are being provided with a preventative medication to further reduce their risk of becoming ill, and being asked to seek medical attention for any unexplained fever, headache or neck pain.

    All three students with Neisseria meningococcemia have or are undergoing treatment. Due to patient confidentiality, we are unable to share the name of the student who is currently hospitalized with this illness.

    The University is working closely with Lane County Public Health to provide for the safety of the campus community. If you have not been contacted separately by Lane County Public Health or the University Health Center, you have not been identified as a person at risk.

    For more information and tips on prevention, visit: https://healthcenter.uoregon.edu/Home/NeisseriameningococcemiaFebruary8.aspx

    Michael Eyster
    Executive Director University Health Center

    Suspicious package – all clear 3:03pm

    November 24th, 2014

    UOAlert: Suspicious package incident resolved, area clear. 11/24/14 3:03pm

    Suspicious package @ Matt Knight Arena 11/24/14 2:30 pm

    November 24th, 2014

    UOAlert: Suspicious package reported east of Matt Knight Area. UOPD requests no pedestrian traffic in the area near Parking Lot 33, East Campus Graduate Housing, and Bean East. Emergency response is underway. More details will be posted on this site.

    UOAlert! Test scheduled for 08/18/14

    August 15th, 2014

    There will be a test of the UOAlert! system on Monday, August 18th, at approximately 8:30am. The test will include the following modes: text messages, email, digital displays, and social media.

    06/18/14 – Scheduled Maintenance

    June 18th, 2014

    06/18/14 – 11:06 am

    This site along with the Emergency Management & Continuity website (emc.uoregon.edu) may be impacted by network upgrades scheduled between 7:00 pm on Friday, June 20th and 7:00 am on Saturday, June 21st. The UO Alert! text notification system will be utilized to distribute emergency notification information should the need arise during this timeframe.


    UO Alert!: Test 04/07/14

    April 7th, 2014

    04/07/14   UOAlert! This is a test of the UOAlert! system. This is a test.

    Want to know more about what you can do to prepare for an emergency or how the UO prepares for emergencies? Visit UO Emergency Management and Continuity online: emc.uoregon.edu or connect on Facebook: www.facebook.com/UOEMC.

    April 4 Traffic Advisory from City of Eugene impacts near campus area

    April 4th, 2014

    The City of Eugene has issued the following traffic advisory near the University of Oregon campus:

    Traffic Advisory
    April 4, 2014
    For further information, contact:
    Melinda McLaughlin, APR, Public Information Director, 541.968.0497
    Laura Hanmond, 541.682.6231

    Avoid Broadway/Hilyard Area – City Working to Clear Illegal Trespassers

    Travelers are asked to avoid the Broadway/Hilyard area for the next several hours as the City helps a group of people who have been trespassing since September 2013 to vacate the premises and remove their belongings.  In the interest of increased safety of the public and City workers, traffic flow is restricted at several nearby intersections including:

    ·        All westbound traffic on from Franklin Blvd/Broadway Avenue to Hilyard Street is restricted to one lane only due to the temporary road closure. Travelers are recommended to divert westbound onto 11th Avenue at the intersection of Franklin Blvd. / 11th Avenue. An electronic reader board is in place near this intersection to provide early warning.

    ·        Eastbound traffic on Broadway will not be allowed to turn left (northbound) onto Hilyard Street.

    ·        Northbound traffic between 11th Avenue and Broadway will only be allowed to turn east or west. No through traffic will be allowed due to the temporary road closure.

    ·        No eastbound traffic will be allowed at 8th Avenue / Hilyard Street

    The site at the corner of Hilyard and Broadway is not open for public use. The City Council directed that the site be closed no later than April 15 and that clearing and clean-up of the area begin no earlier than April 1.

    The site was first occupied illegally in September 2013. The site was posted as not open to the public and people on the site at that time who refused to leave were warned that they would be subject to prohibited camping citations. After written and verbal warnings, more than 20 citations for Prohibited Camping were issued in September to people refusing to leave the site.

    In January 2014, additional written notices and verbal warnings were issued and signs marking the area “No trespassing” were installed. People remaining at the site are and have been subject to criminal trespass charges, a jailable offense.

    The City-posted signs at the site were torn down by unidentified individuals. Subsequently, permission was granted by an adjacent business to install metal signage facing the site, and more signs were purchased and installed. Those signs were also torn down.

    Also in January, the City provided dumpsters at the site so people there could begin to clean out trash and leave with their belongings. Since that time, staff has checked the dumpsters daily and they have been serviced at least once a week or more as needed. A fence was added at that time to contain expansion and make the site’s closure obvious.

    Last week, on March 27, the City re-posted notices that the property is not open to the public and that the clearing and clean-up of the area would begin after April 1.

    Since this site was first occupied, a police liaison has continued to meet on a regular basis with the group’s representatives. CAHOOTS and other social services have been checking in frequently with trespassers in coordination with City staff.  Providing access to human services and a peaceful resolution have been the central aim of these planning measures.

    Conditions in and around site
    An analysis of conditions in and around the camp found that since the camp was first established, quality of life crimes and calls for police service increased in the area.  These calls included complaints about open fires and loud disputes inside the camp, syringes found in the area, injured subjects, robbery, theft, assaults, disputes between campers and passers-by, and damage to neighboring businesses and properties. Calls about traffic hazards and crashes near the site also increased. Area businesses reported a decrease in both patron business and income, and an increase in quality of life crimes or anti-social behavior.

    In contrast, the community-managed rest stop sites and Opportunity Village provide legal and safer places for people to be. These legal camping sites are managed by community organizations that provide essential services and oversight. They also have clear rules that help ensure the health and safety of people at the site as well as reduce its impact on its neighbors.

    City goals and next steps
    The City’s goal has been for people to leave the site voluntarily and to get connected with the services they need to find safe and legal shelter. The City has and continues to coordinate with a number of local social service agencies to help people transition from the camp.  Examples include the opening of two rest stops at 1) Garfield and Roosevelt, and 2) Northwest Expressway and Chambers. These are being managed by Community Supported Shelters.

    Volunteer sponsors have stepped forward to manage a third rest stop site proposed near Leo Harris Drive. The City hopes to sign an agreement with the site managers/sponsors in the next couple days.

    Including the two open rest stops and Opportunity Village, more than 60 legal camping options have been created over the past year. The third site will add legal camping sites for up to 15 more people.

    The Eugene Mission and the expanded car camping program managed by St. Vincent DePaul are also available to campers in addition to other social service venues on a case-by case basis.

    While these efforts cannot solve the challenge of homelessness in our community, they are a concerted effort to help vulnerable individuals through hard times, and to provide an alternative to illegal behavior.

    The City Council and staff continue to try to balance the needs and views of all parts of our diverse community, to find options for vulnerable people while also addressing health and safety concerns of the entire community.


    Tree clean-up efforts, information from City of Eugene

    February 11th, 2014

    February 11, 2014 @ 3:47 pm
    The University of Oregon continues to clean up from the recent snow and ice storm and campus trees are still vulnerable to further damage.  Several areas have debris piles or tree limb hazards and should be avoided. Click here for a map of these locations.

    As members of the greater community, the UO is sharing information from the City of Eugene regarding its efforts (details below) and an updated weather forecast for tonight.

    As communicated by the City of Eugene, the National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory for tonight starting at 10 p.m. Use caution around trees damaged by Saturday’s ice storm.  Stay well clear of trees that may leaning or that have loose hanging limbs.


    2/11/2014 11:01 AM

    CONTACT:        John Clark, Incident Commander

    From Public Information Section


    Tree Debris Clean-up Continues Throughout Eugene

    Public Works is continuing to clear trees and limbs from streets and sidewalks. Crews have cleared a number of locations on major thoroughfares, but wiring tangled in some trees has limited crews’ ability to respond to some locations for safety reasons.

    Operations has split the city into seventeen sectors in which crews are focused primarily on clearing any blockages. Efforts will transition to cleaning up the debris left by damaged trees.  In addition, Public Works had assessment teams out in the field reporting and prioritizing hazards.

    Plowing efforts have been successful clearing priority routes. Streets that had been blocked will be plowed as needed today. The plowing equipment will transition to debris hauling equipment to support the tree crews.

    Stormwater operations are continuing to keep catch basins and curb inlets open for the melting snow. Localized flooding from melted snow and ice has not been an issue thanks to the mitigation efforts of Public Works staff. The potential of flooding will remain as weather forecasts predicted rainfall for the next several days.

    Many sidewalks are covered with slush or even snow and ice in higher elevations. Property owners are reminded that they are responsible for keeping sidewalks passable next to their homes or businesses and bear the liability if someone slips or falls on a poorly maintained sidewalk.

    The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory for tonight starting at 10 pm. Use caution around trees damaged by Saturday’s ice storm.  Say well clear of trees that may leaning or that have loose hanging limbs.

    To report a blocked street, hazardous trees or street flooding in Eugene, call 541-682-4800. For power outages in Eugene, call EWEB at 541-484-2300. Public Works cannot respond to trees on private property. Property owners are advised to contact commercial tree services for assistance in dealing with trees on private property.

    For updates on Public Works storm operations, go to www.eugene-or.gov/snow.

    Airport travelers are advised to check flight schedules. Up-to-date flight information is at www.flyEUG.com. For information about the status of other City services, go to www.eugene-or.gov.
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